Position Sought: Friend, confidant, supporter, lover and potential spouse to a woman of characteristics and interests similar to mine.
Salary requirements: Abundant support, inspiration, friendship and love.
Availability: Immediate.
Born: Dec 1, 1936; abcd. USA
Height: 6’1″ ;  Weight: 245 lbs.
Hair color: Brown with a few stray grays ; Eyes: Blue.
Disabilities: Wear hearing aids and glasses.

Marital status: Widowed for 10+ years.
Children: Grown son and daughter both living far from me.
Interests: Creating art; seeking new knowledge; writing.

Education: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Professional experience: 4 years as a US Naval Officer. (1965 – 1969)…

3 years doing research in radiological imaging at UCSD (1970 – 1973)…

12 years with a DoD contractor in technical and managerial roles (1974 – 1985)…

15 years with US Navy Civil Service managing computer system development programs. (1986 – 2000)…

5 years retired on pension, social security and savings. (2001 – present)

Positive attributes:
Even disposition. Almost never get angry except at myself when I do something I consider stupid. I dislike conflicts and go to great lengths to avoid them….

Devoted. 35 years married to and faithfully loving of the same woman through a lot of difficult times among the rewarding ones.

Optimistic, but always with a realistic assessment of the basis for optimism….

Excellent self-esteem – maybe to a fault. … Tolerant (except of stupidity, bigotry, cruelty, hypocrisy, etc.)…

Above average IQ; sage from my years….

Good sense of humor: wry and often self-deprecating…. Curious about things and especially people that interest me….

Compassionate, especially to the underdog and down-trodden.

Negative attributes:

I prefer not to be in crowds or the center of attention.

I prefer very small intimate groups…. Control neurosis.

I must be in control of my life and environment and I withdraw from situations wherein I feel I am losing that control…. Limited ability to trust others, especially with my feelings or matters that might influence my freedom.

Trust builds slowly and I am unforgiving if my trust is egregiously violated…. Insecure in newly evolving relationships and thus prone to jealousy when communications fails. …

Sentimental to a fault. I fall in love too easily when I do…. Driven to continually prove my self worth to myself….

Wastes too much time at Internet