When she sat down in the dirt

In front of your machine

A lovely woman dressed in red

You in military green

If you had met her in Jerusalem

You might have asked her on a date

But here you were in Gaza

Rolling towards the gate

As your foot went to the floor

Did you recall her eyes

Did her gaze remind you

That you’ve become what you despise

As you rolled on towards this woman

And ignored all the shouts to stop

Did you feel a shred of doubt

As you watched her body drop

And as your Caterpillar tracks

Upon her body pressed

With twenty tons of deadly force

Crushed the bones within her chest

Could you feel the contours of her face

As you took her life away

Did you serve your country well

On that cool spring day

And when you went back across the Green Line

Back to the open shore

Did you think that this was just another day

In a dirty war

And when you looked out on the water

Did you feel an empty void

Or was it just one more life you’ve taken

One more home destroyed

* By David Rovics