1.   Get Moving. An effective exercise routine should include endurance training (such as walking, jogging or cycling) as well as two or three strength training sessions a week using lightweights.

2.   Don’t smoke!

3.   Follow a healthy diet

4.   Drink enough water. At least 6 glasses every day

5.   Avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Aging skin and eyes are vulnerable to sun damage because protective pigment diminishes over time. Also too much sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer.

6.   Reduce stress. Choose among such stress-reducing techniques as meditation, yoga and exercise and set aside time to practice them.

7.   Challenge your mind. Three key factors predict strong mental function: regular physical activity, strong social support and belief in your ability.

8.   Limit alcohol consumption.

9.   Cultivate satisfying relationships.

10. Consider preventive medicine  

* The Johns Hopkins Medical letter health, USA