jan1802.JPG                         Why many residents decide to leave the area and where long Islanders are choosing to go.

While the IRS data show that many families are indeed leaving Long Island, movers, real state agents, demographers and families who have left say motivations to do so are often more complex than a simple analysis of, say, housing costs. 

Families say they also seek lees crowds, bigger homes and an intangible “quality of life” they believe is no longer available on Long Island. 

There’s and old adage that you want to live in a place where you go on vacation.

Close to 800,000 people who are counted as exemptions on tax returns –on Long Island left their home county for somewhere else in the next way 

To elsewhere in New York State:  390,359

To other states in the Northeast:    99,081 (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, etc)

To other states in the South:        225,934(Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, etc)

To other states in the Midwest:      20,856(Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, etc)

To states in the West:                      47,912(California, Arizona, Nevada, etc) 

Source: Newsday, Sep. 2006