Last year I see a polemics, about Christian preachers that they said, that God wanted that all people will be rich, in Money, and, of course, also in big love and solidarity with the neighbor.

Certainly those words were music for there millions of listeners or assistants to the coliseum -the Churches are small to receive to so much people. Anyway, those were words, for many people, those were celestial music.

Therefore, in secret, the main incentive of the Christians, around here, is MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY. But, If you don’t have money; then, you better looking another church or religion, because, they think, these persons are a sinner and they have a poor curse to be the remainder of their miserable life.


Thus, they think, in private of course, many millionaires and famous religious in U.S. Besides being good religious speakers, also they are Artists; because they sing pretty and they do some acts of magic.

Also they write motivating Books about God and the Sky, and they record CD with celestial music for their followers, that, in U.S. they seem to be many million people.

The majority of their followers they are so hypnotized, with the images and public words of their leader that, generally, they are not true persons.


I remember the wise words about that “the appearances deceive” and “by their facts you will know them”.

Thus many faithful are forgot of some large contradictions that some lead Christians have about supporting, direct or indirectly, the war in Iraq.


Will be that God says this?

Will be that God is here?

See you later,

CARLOS (Tiger without Time)