At present this appearing a reproof, in the environment of countries, for the use of the Internet.

There are two position:

1) Information wants to be free, because it lowers the cost of distribution of words and pictures, and it enables information to spread freely within countries and across borders.

2) Information wants to be expensive because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life.

So you have these two fighting against each other. For example, Viacom’s decision to sue youtube and its owner, Google, for $1,000,000,000 (a billion dollars) is part of the commercial battle over whether information should be free or expensive.

The fact that individuals can follow suit, publishing everything from political tracts to pictures of their friends naked, makes censorship a virtually impossible job.

The Internet does not respect national laws or conventions.
China still does its best to censor information, both by blocking sites and companies such as Yahoo and Google into self-censorship.

The US government’s efforts to control child pornography are an exception and have faced legal challenges under the first amendment in the courts.
The Supreme Court struck down one effort to ban on line distribution of simulated sexual acts in 2002.

Another example is the short-lived effort by a Turkish court to block youtube because of an insulting film about Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, led to international ridicule and internal criticism. The ban has been lifted after the offending film was removed from the site.

In Saudi Arabia, the Internet services unit filters and block sites deemed to violate Islamic tradition or national regulations.

On conclusion the country that they have more censorship are: (Source, Reporters without borders, march 2007)

1) CHINA … USERS: 137.0 Millions
2) TURKEY … USERS: 16.0 Millions
3) THAILAND … USERS: 8.4 Millions
4) IRAN … USERS: 7.5 Millions
5) EGYPT… USERS: 5.0 Millions
6) BELARUS … USERS: 3.4 Millions
7) SAUDI ARABIA … USERS: 2.5 Millions
8) SYRIA … USERS: 1.1 Millions

So Internet information want to be free, but does not always get the choice when write about political, religion or some issue that does not like some countries.

See you later.
CARLOS, Tiger without Time