First, my sincere condolences go to the families who are in deep mourning over losing their loved ones:
1) There are nearly 200 million FIRE arms in private hands in the U.S. and more than 30,000 people –nearly 10 times the total number of American who have died in Iraq – are killed by those guns each year.

2) The way is made easier by the fact that guns of all shorts are readily available to Americans of all shades of morality and mentality.

3) It’s long been in fashion, to believe that people are innately good, and that upbringing and environment are responsible for nasty personalities. But research is beginning to show that mean, sometimes outright evil behavior has a strong genetic component. Some of us, in other words, are truly born badly.

4) In case of Virginia tech massacre: Cho Seung Hui did not emerge in our world full grown with guns blazing. He has been with us a long time. He was a child in U.S. School system. He was a person in our community. What about funding ways to help people, desperate, angry, isolated and miserable among us?

I think, to prevent future massacres, we don’t need metal detectors, armed guards or reflexive campus lock downs. We need to act more like a family with justice and solidarity

See you later,
CARLOS, Tiger without Time