Young people today are more narcissist than their parents –dangerously so, a new study concludes. San Diego State psychology Prof. Jean Twenge first warned about the burst in self-love –and its likely side effects of depression, anxiety, and cynicism- in her 2006 book, “Generation Me”

For the latest study, Twenge and her team analyzed over 16,000 college students’ responses to the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, finding a jump in narcissistic scores between 1982 and 2006

“Someone who has high self-steem has confidence in individualistic areas but also tends to value good relationships with other people. Someone who’s narcissistic is missing that piece about other people and relationships.”

“I love Me”. The slogan of YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself.”

The Pew Research Center asked young people, what are your generation’s most important goals? Eight in said getting rich, while only 4% said becoming more spiritual.
YOU ALSO CALL THIS “GENERATION CRUDE”. What does sex have to do with narcissism?

“Narcissists favor short-term relationships. That may help explain why hookups have become so popular. I cannot say for sure that one causes the other. All I can say is these are two trends that go along with each other.”

“There are a lot of challenges faced by young people that older people did not have to face… We should cut young people a little slack.”

Source: Summarized of U.S. News &World report, March, 2007