Is bad to know the truth of the things? 

Is bad help to people who need our aid?

I know that is easier to have a life dedicated to our family and friends, forgetting of the others people or just to ignore them.

If we are happy with our family and friends, ¿why do not share a little that happiness with another people of the world?

If we are proud with the achievements and development of our country, then, why we do not supportive to the rest of the world?

Is not better to live in peace, love and justice with everybody?

We can begin to do a better world. We have the money and the power to do it. Then, ¿why we do not do it?

I am sure that everybody, wild or ignorant, they can understand when you treats them with respect, tolerance and justice. Why we do not do that?

See you later.
Carlos, Tiger without Time