Javits Convention Center in Manhattan has been changing significantly.

The show had products from 73 countries and territories this year, including some newcomers: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Syria, Palestine, Russia, Benin, Rwanda, Uganda and Swaziland.

The National Association for the specialty food trade, which runs the event. And many of them especially from Africa, are doing it with help from Africa, are doing it with help from American agencies that work in international development. The interest in African products is a fairly new thing, and it’s growing. Americans are into trying new flavors.

Peru’s booths, included a light, herbaceous nut oil, sacha inchi, touted for its omega-3 content, and gluten-free amaranth biscuits from Cuzco foods, as well as a collection of crisp skewer-thin breadsticks, palitos, in 10 flavors.

· Summarized of New York Times, July 11, 2007