Drugs are supposed to treat illnesses, not the vicissitudes of living.

The manual of Psychiatric (DSM) doesn’t make exceptions for other things that make us sad- divorce, financial stress, a lifethreating illness.

Untreated mental illness can be serious, but misdiagnosis can also be harmful.

These sadness responses suggest sorrow is genetic and that it is useful for attracting social support, protecting us from aggressors and teaching us that whatever prompted the sadness – say, getting fired because you were always late to work.

We might want to return to a simple definition of mental illness offered by Aristotle: “If fear or sadness last for a long time, it is melancholia.” In that case , see a doctor. But if your boyfriend just left you and you can barely get out of bed, don’t assume you’re ill. Your brain is probably doing exactly what it was designed to do.

· Summarized of TIME, July 16, 2007