· $500,000 amount the Iraq war costs per minute, according to a joint analysis by a Nobel-prize winning economist and a Harvard scholar, who noted that the amount spent on the war each day could pay for health care for 423,529 children.

· $1.3 billion. Minimum net worth of the 400 richest Americans, listed by Forbes, up from $1 billion in 2005

· 2,246 Number of instances of violent, profane or sexual content in 180 hours of TV programming or one instance every 4.8 min. according to a new parents television council report. It looked at original content aired between 7pm and 9pm on six major stations.

· $8.98 price of a venti mocha at the new starbucks near Moscow –the mega chain’s first shop in Russia; one costs $4.71 in New York City

* Summarized of TIME, Oct. 2007