Moscow recently hosted Rozamira ’07, an annual international modern art festival, whose name means “the rose of the world.” The Paint Moscow project, one of its most spectacular events, brought “Brazilian brightness” to the “gloomy, introverted, and workaholic” urban environment.


Dutch, Icelandic, American and Russian artists presented their works in Moscow during the Rozamira ’07 modern art festival. Their paintings are seen from afar – each painting is the size of a multi-storey house and needs to be appreciated from a distance.


The Rozamira ’07 modern art festival decorated twelve residential buildings in Moscow with murals of glowing colors.


Each mural occupies four stories of a residential house, and catches the eye from afar.


Local people were rather skeptical at the start. They thought foreign artists had come to make standard drab inscriptions on houses and transformer pillars. Spirits rose when they saw the beautiful murals.