Leonid Stadnik’s phenomenal height has forced him to quit a job he loved and to stoop as he moves around his house. He is 8 feet, five inches tall.

(EFREM LUKATSKY, Associated Press / March 25, 2008)

“Thanks to good people I have shoes and clothes,” said the 37-year-old former veterinarian, who still lives with his 66-year-old mother. In 2006, Stadnik was officially measured at 8 feet 5 inches tall, surpassing a 7-foot-9-inch Chinese man to claim the title of the world’s tallest person.

 (SERGEI SUPINSKY, AFP/Getty Images / March 25, 2008)

Stadnik’s stature has brought attention, but he struggles to lead a normal life. All the doorways in his one-story brick house are too short for him to pass through without stooping. His 440 pounds cause constant knee pain and often force him to use crutches.

(SERGEI SUPINSKY, AFP/Getty Images / March 25, 2008)

Stadnik loves animals, but had to quit his job as a veterinarian at a cattle farm after suffering frostbite when he walked to work in his socks in winter. He could not afford custom made shoes for his 17-inch feet.

(EFREM LUKATSKY, Associated Press / March 25, 2008)

Stadnik says his dream is finding a soul mate, just like the former titleholder, China’s Bao Xishun, who was married last year.
“I think the future holds that for me,” he said.

(MYKOLA LAZARENKO, AFP/Getty Images / March 25, 2008)

Leonid Stadnik displaced Bao Xishun as the world’s tallest man. Xishun, 7 feet 9 inches, married in his girlfriend Xia Shujuan, who’s just 5 foot 6 inches tall.