For the last three decades, Camilo Jose Vergara have photographed abandoned filling stations, mostly in American ghettos. For me, they evoked the vision of the end of a gas-based world. In the beginning, this vision was largely confined to disadvantaged neighborhoods. Not anymore. Today, with gasoline prices at record levels, the fragility of a lifestyle, economy and culture dependent on fossil fuel is sensed by everyone, even the most comfortable among us.
Take a look next photos:

South Broadway at Lester Terrace, Camden, N.J., 2007.

South Broadway at Chelton Avenue, Camden, N.J., 2003.

Sweet Kingdom Annex, Chene and Superior Streets, Detroit, 1993.

Former Delta Gas Station, 2914 E. Warren Avenue, Detroit, 2001.

East Lanvale Street at North Gay Street, Baltimore, 1999.

Sykes & Son Tire Repair, Grand River Avenue at Mendota Street, Detroit, 2002.

* Photo: Camilo José Vergara