Patrick Swayze — in the first interview since his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer last year — discussed his battle with the disease yesterday with Barbara Walters. Swayze has Stage IV pancreatic cancer, the most advanced level, in which the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.


Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms in the U.S. Just 20 percent of those who are diagnosed are still alive a year later.

“You can bet that I’m going through hell,” Swayze, 56, told ABC’s Walters. “And I’ve only seen the beginning of it.”

Swayze, who was diagnosed last March, has taken an experimental drug called vatalanib.

He didn’t dance around his chances last night. In an echo of the famous “watch me now!” lyric from Dirty Dancing’s “Do You Love Me?” he responded to the tough odds: “Watch me! You watch what I pull off.”

Another public figure who was treated for pancreatic cancer, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has been back in the health headlines this week. His 2004 treatment for an early stage of the cancer was reported successful. But Apple said this week that Jobs was suffering from a “hormone imbalance” that was starving his body of necessary nutrients. Experts told that the imbalance could be linked to problems with his pancreas.

Find out more about what makes pancreatic cancer so difficult to beat here.

* By Katherine Harmon (A.S.)

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Some Comments:

* I agree with every word you said here. I don’t ever comment on these things either. But Patrick is an angel example on earth for us all to look at and realize what is most precious.

* The most elegant interview by an actor in Hollywood with a true human spirit I have ever seen!

* Patrick has been an idol of mine since he so graciously invited my granddaughter to visit him in Albuquerque, NM during a horse show in 1991. He had read an article about her fighting cancer. She was eleven years old at the time. Priscilla was so thrilled and upon meeting him she sat on his lap but would NOT kiss him, so he gave her a big kiss on the cheek.
She said she would never wash that little area ever. Well, she did not win her fight, she passed away five years later in Charleston SC. But all these years her family has never forgot about the wonderful man Patrick. I can only pray he wins the battle he is fighting…
Thank You Patrick
for making this grandma’s little angel happy for a short time..
Sincerely Priscilla S.

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* I pray for Patrick, and admire his courage. He’s a terrific actor, and even more so, a most wonderful human being. I love you Patrick, and may God bless you and you family.
Sandra Hobbs