Gaston Acurio announces wife Astrid Gutsche's new chocolate project

“For years, Astrid has been traveling around Peru, looking for the best native cacao, meeting producers and discovering the value of their work, forming alliances with them and creating a world in her heart.”

This is how Gaston Acurio, famed Peruvian chef and entrepreneur, introduced the new chocolate collection of his wife, Astrid Gutsche, on his Facebook page.

Melate, as the chocolate line is known, consists of bonbons, truffles, bars and kisses, all made with some of the finest cacao that Peru has to offer.

Where her husband has focused on bringing high-quality Peruvian food to the world, Gutsche has long sought to promote the country’s chocolate, and her efforts have paved the way for the international success of the sweet delicacy.

Among her projects is the Salon del Cacao y Chocolate, taking place this weekend, which will include many important national and international chocolate producers and masters.

Melate is expected to officially launch soon, but for now, the beautiful photos released by Acurio are helping to build anticipation. 



By Alix Farr; July 6, 2012

 (All photos: Gaston Acurio Facebook)


Commented By: lapchole
On: July 6, 2012
yeah, that is what peruvians need….more fat and sugar, great for diabetes and the new obesity levels in peruvians. In addition, they will only be accessible to the 1% of the rich population in peru

Commented By: Natalia
On: July 7, 2012
I can´t wait to taste these chocolates. I know we have extraordinary and high quality cacao in Peru so I expect this project help many people to sell their crop and finished goods at fair prices and improve their quality of life, create new jobs and give oportunities. I saw the documentary about cacao by Gaston and Astrid and found it beautiful. And YES!!!! this is exactly what Peruvians need.

Commented By: Pato Vial
On: July 7, 2012
It is understandable that haute cuisine is not for everybody. If you like Mc Donalds – don’t switch! For the food and chocolate connoisseurs, these chocolates look fantastic!!! About time that delicious Peruvian chocolate gets attention. Last month, we were in Cusco on vacation and there is a huge chocolate tradition there. There are chocolate workshops and afterwards tasting sessions – a real treat. Enjoy